[HDA for Cinema4D] Surface Flow

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[HDA for Cinema4D] Surface Flow

11 ratings

"Surfce Flow" Asset allows particles to move on a specific object surface without overlapping.

* To use HDA in Cinema4D, you need to install the Houdini engine by clicking Extensions / Houdini Engine / Get Installer ..

* After installing the Houdini engine, you must log in to the License Administrator to install a free indie engine license.

How to Install Free Houdini Indie Engine License : https://youtu.be/SBsya7vOjmo

Click on Extentions> Houdini Engine> Load Asset .. to load it.

(In R20, it's under the Pipeline menu.)

After you load an Asset, you can adjust many of the options in the Asset Tab of Properties.

[Option Description]

Surface Object: You can specify an object other than the default Torus object. (Make sure the size is not too different from the base object.)

Scatter Count: The number of particles that are scattered on the surface of the object.

Scatter Seed: Seed to change the position of the particles.

Complexity: The higher the value, the more complex the particle flow.

Speed: The higher the value, the faster the particle speeds up.

Point Relax: Push the particles together so they don't overlap. When this value is zero, the particles converge in a pattern.

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* This HDA is based on the tutorial below. Thanks to 'Junichiro Horikawa' :)


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email below.


I want this!
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