[HDA for Cinema4D] Edge Weathering

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[HDA for Cinema4D] Edge Weathering

16 ratings

Create weathering effect with the edges cut out. 

With Voronoi Fracture, you apply the same effect to each piece.

* To use HDA in Cinema4D, you need to install the Houdini engine by clicking Extensions / Houdini Engine / Get Installer ..

* After installing the Houdini engine, you must log in to the License Administrator to install a free indie engine license.

How to Install Free Houdini Indie Engine License : https://youtu.be/SBsya7vOjmo

Click on Extentions> Houdini Engine> Load Asset .. to load it.

(In R20, it's under the Pipeline menu.)

After you load an Asset, you can adjust many of the options in the Asset Tab of Properties.

Objejct : You can specify any object you want instead of the default cube object.

Offset : Adjusts how much edge is cut off.

Smooth : Similar to offset, but with a slightly different point that makes the edges smoother to the surface.

Noise Height : The height value of the noise to be cut out.

Noise Scale : The size of the noise pattern to be cut out.

Noise Offset : You can offset the noise values ​​along the x, y and z axes.

The Detail area is for enhancing the detail of the cut surface.

Voxel Size : The carved surface is expressed in more dense detail. Too small can take a long time. If the cut surface is too rough, try first adjusting the Subdivide option below.

Subdivide : Divide more polygons on the cut surface.

Smooth Angle : Similar to the phong angle, it can be adjusted if there is a problem with the surface smooth area.

You can specify voronoi fracture as an object.

If there is a problem with the surface smoothness

You can adjust the Smooth Angle.

This will fix it.

v1.1 update

  • Edge Selection is tagged so that you can easily apply different materials to only the cutout.
  • The .hdalc file has been converted to an .otl file for use by Houdini FX license owners.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by email below.


* This HDA is based on the tutorial below. Thanks to 'Seokin Chung' :)


I want this!
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